Littlest Pet Shop ~ Perfect - P!nk Music Video

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This is probably one of my best videos I've done!!! I love this song so much, it makes me cry!! :')The story behind the video:In kindergarten, there are two little kittens - the purple one named Roxy, and the grey one Zoe.Roxy is very spoilt, and, rather like Brooklyn Hayes!!! Her friend, the corgi dog, is called Kimberly. Roxy kicks Zoe's teddy away, Kimberly laughing at her side. Zoe then starts a fight between the two of them. They are pulled away from each other. That's when they know they will hate each other for life. Poor Zoe thinks that the world hates her, and that she is a piece of junk, whilst as they are growing up, Zoe and Roxy (and Roxy's friend Kimberly) keep meeting each other, and remembering the first time they met. Zoe keeps disliking herself more and more each day, since no one wants to talk to her. Time passes, then, when Zoe and Roxy are adults, they meet again (Kimberly still at Roxy's side!). As they look into each other's eyes with loathing, they have past memories of themselves as children. Zoe now hates herself more than ever, and wishes she was as pretty and loved as Roxy and her friends. So she gives herself a makeover, cuts her hair and dresses herself nicely. When she goes out, she has a whole crowd in awe at her new found beauty. Even Savvy, Genny and Lina love her new look! Roxy and Kimberly now feel extremely sorry for Zoe, and Roxy apologises. After nearly a lifetime, they are finally friends. When she gets home, that night in her dreams, Zoe gets a visit form P!nk, who tells her she is perfect. Zoe wakes up later, and realises she is perfect in her own way.I sometimes feel as if I am much less than perfect, and this song always makes me feel better.I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG - IT BELONGS TO P!NKAnd I have NOT copied LPSHannah! I took some ideas from P!nk's official video for this, yet edited it to make it my own. LPSHannah ALSO took ideas from the official video, so some of our scenes look the same. So please stop bothering me!!!xx Bella xx
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