Part 4 - Bridgeport Nest - The Sims 3

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So very sorry about this. It is entirely my faultI filmed an entire part (about 60 minutes) on completeing the garden, and touching up some places, and forgot to record any of it. So instead, the first minute is x1 speed looking around at the things i changed, which include the balcony railing colour (blue not brown), the BBQ area, the zen garden, the basement (complete) and the downstairs layout, which gets demolished a minute later anyway.Sorry about the video quality. The game itself was lagging for me, which makes it very jerky in the video. I will have that fixed, not in the next part, not in the next house, but after that. In this part we layout all rooms and install all furniture, just waiting for the hours of CAS to come. The end is near. but just ONE DAY MORE (hinthint)Until next time...ENJOY!!
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