Sims 3 House - Holiday Heights Estate

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Download Link:home for the holidays! This 7 bedroom, 7 bath mansion is perfect for large families and features large living spaces to host parties and family gatherings. The beautiful infinity pool gives the perfect view of the crystal clear lake behind this estate.++++++++++++Sims 3 website: Links+++BFP Site: Productions Youtube NetworkBF Productions: It Random: by: Mike (builditfilmitM)Filmed by: Mike (builditfilmitM)Produced by: Mike (builditfilmitM)Edited by: Mike (builditfilmitM)+++++++++++++"The Sims 3 Show" and the "BF" brand are trademarks of Build It Film It Inc. and BF Productions+++++++++++++Music:"Mars and Stars" by Dan-Ounder a Creative Commons license+++++++++++++ BF Productions © 2012Tags: holiday heights estate, family, home, mansion, manor, modern, family house, family home, snow, winter, the sims 3 seasons, summer, features, bedrooms, bathrooms, multiple, living space, living room, electronic arts, ea, maxis, the sims 3, the sims, building video, create a style, huge, gates, three floors, big, family living, kids bedrooms, children, kids, teens, young adult, two car, garage
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