Stickman Base Jumper - Free Game - Review Gameplay Trailer for iPhone/iPad/iPod

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Check out the playlist with best free iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod Games - #1 smash hit in so many countries - NOW FREE for a limited time!!Pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Base Jumper! Estimate your run up and perfectly time your jump off to glide through the air, perform insane proximity flights, jump in darkest nights, defy heavy winds and make perfect landings when deploying your parachute. Immediately share your performed jumps or spectacular crashes and impress your friends with the integrated video replay and share feature.• Regular content updates with new and amazing levels coming every few weeks! • From the makers of various top 100 apps like Stick Stunt Biker, Rope'n'Fly, Stickman Cliff Diving, Wingsuit Stickman, Line Runner, Line Birds, Line Surfer, RunStickRun and more• #1 top paid app in many countries worldwideand many more• 'Take the role of a stick man and base jump from some impressively high buildings in this fun but challenging title.' 4/5 by 148apps.com• 'it is a fantastic little App and will definitely keep you busy trying to improve your score and compete with your friends scores on GameCenter.' 4/5 by iRumorsFEATURES:• 80 beautiful designed levels from "Easy jumping" to "Insane proximity flights"• Integrated video gameplay recording to share with your friends via facebook, twitter, youtube or mail• Full animated physic rag doll• Spectacular crashes• Various obstacles like breakable glass, falling bricks, helicopters, etc.• Amazing Retina Graphics• Complete physics enabled• Day/Night mode with realistic lighting• Various Achievements to unlock• Game Center and Universal App• Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends• iPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatible• and many more...Tags:Apple. Android. iOS. iPhone. iPod Touch. iPad. iPad Mini. Apple TV. Macbook Pro Air. iMac. iMini. Retina. The New iPad. HTC. Huawei. Sony Ericsson. Philips. ZTE. Alcatel. BenQ. Dell. Vertu. Sharp. Panasonic. Palm. Windows Phone 7 8. Lenovo. Gardmin. Fly. LG. Motorola. Acer. Blackberry 10. Bada. Firefox. Chrome. Just5. Mac OS X. OSX. Asus. AMD. Intel. Google Nexus. Samsung Galaxy. Nokia Lumia. Google Play Store. App Store. Mac Store. Level Solution. Walkthrough. Help. Pass. Mission. Playthrough. Guide. Level. Game. Free. Chapter. 3 Star. Easy. Medium. Hard. Insane. Three Star. Passing. 1-1. 01-01. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 20. 30. 100.Full Pass. 100% Pass.
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