Christian Princess and the Muslim Pauper: Episode 2 (THE SIMS 2 VERSION) ... HD AVAILABLE

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My new account: www.youtube.com/AZAD669 Salaam!! Finally I have uploaded second episode of Christian Princess and the Muslim Pauper!! Its supposed upload in Feb but it didnt happened. Anyway I have feeling this episode is much better than first one! please comments, your views are important to me!! :)by the way its has HD, way way better!!Story: This is gonna love part where Princess Rosa and Maariyah find strange feeling of love, will they found out what is it?Director AZAD669Story AZAD669 (Partly from Mark Twain)Sound edited AZAD669Subtitle/Script AmiraThank to voices:Lilly (Princess Rosa and Maariyah)Derek (Steven)Francheska (Saroj)Tyler (King James, Maariyahs father and Shahzaibs father)Billy (Shahzaib, John and a worker)Music:InshaAllahOh Dearest MoonPart of your World (Song and Instumental)Paul Collier (Instumental)Mohabbataan SachiyaanCrisis Core FFVII Music - A Flower Blooming In the Slums (Instrumental)InshaAllah and Oh Dearest Moon Song, sang by Katarina and lyrics by AZAD669Thank to Our Beloved Creators, The Sims 2 & 3Made with The Sims 2 & 3, Pinnacle Studio 12, Vegas Pro 8, Photoshop, Window Movie MakerThank you for watch :D#42 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation#66 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation#25 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation#58 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation#8 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation#78 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation - Global#63 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Film & Animation#71 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Film & Animation#29 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation
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