Wings ~ The Team Player ~ Part 1

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A publicity disaster occurs when Antonio (running the desk while the brother's go to the hockey game) bumps the Bruins abrasive star goalie Danny "Dead End" Connelly off a Sandpiper flight to a critical game, causing the Bruins to lose.Meanwhile, winter tourism on the island takes an upswing when Casey welcomes the International Society of Masochists to Nantucket.
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littlevi # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:48 0
Why was he on the island the day of the game??
careyjoh # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:50 0
there have been at least 3 episodes where they found out? who was on a flight. y didn't they know dead-end was on sandpiper??
xtracool # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:50 0
Back then? Hockey tickets were on High Demand. What a change from today.
anthonyh # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:50 0
the goalie here? is a real asshole. I'm glad Antonio didn't give him a seat. He was only doing the job the right way.
tommyt19 # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:50 0
Too bad Haden Church? had left, this ep really could've used some Lowell in it...
blackjac # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:50 0
If you're? late for your flight it will take off without you, plain and simple. Doesn't matter who you are. The hockey player is a dick anyways, so he deserves what he gets.
tommyt19 # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:51 0
Too bad people care more about sports than company policy. Hasn't changed since? the episode aired either...
captainn # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:51 0
the boston flight was probably their last flight, but someone still needs to take reservations.?
ben # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:51 0
Who's flying the passengers if Joe and Brian are both? on their way/in to Boston.
puffyami # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:52 0
Was? just about to ask the very samr question, lol! Didn't think that one through did they?
anthonyh # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:52 0
Think Brian is flying the passengers to Boston and Joe is along for the ride so they can? both see the game. so Brian is flying the passengers. I guess they're aren't any Sandpiper Flights after that. Antonio is there to get everyone on the plane and take reservations. so it's all taken care of . Until the asshole hockey player showsup anyway lol.
buffyhit # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:52 0
Joe & Brian would be the ones flying to Boston... I assume the passengers? would be going with them.
dpej3 # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:53 0
Continuity Glitch: At 6:52 Joe's coffee cup disappears, then reappears at 7:01, then disappears? again at 7:04.
buffyhit # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:53 0
Maybe it's a? magic coffee cup! So quick to judge..
miri000 # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:55 0
thetroub # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:56 0
Hey that's Ray's cousin from? everybody loves raymond
blackmii # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:56 0
And the boring Teacher from "Ned" and the guy from the office from the Monk? episode "Mr. Monk in the Office" :D
thetroub # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:57 0
Also? cousin Geoffrey on Seinfeld
vdrum169 # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:58 0
And the fast food window operator on King? of Queens
anthonyh # 2 декабря 2012 в 23:59 0
I would never? known that was him but now I can totally tell.