Kevin Hart: LET ME EXPLAIN | "Its A Deerbra" | BANNED Teaser | **Warning: Not for the sensitive

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Kevin Hart Let Me Explain Movie opening in theaters on July 3, 2013. This is the movie teaser that was banned from Television.Kevin Hart is back and bigger than ever starring in "Let Me Explain," a personal and revealing stand-up comedy movie taking us through Hart's explosive transition from a stand-up comedian to an entertainment superstar with the rise and pitfalls of becoming one of this generation's most popular comedians. Capturing his meteoric rise, "Let Me Explain" also features fans flocking globally to experience Hart's signature brand of relatable comedy, weaving real-life unforgettable storytelling and outlandish exaggerations packed with hilarious anecdotal experiences.Featuring Hart's zaniest snippets from his trek across the globe, fans get a sneak peek at his life through the entire tour culminating with his epic Madison Square Garden performance. Footage of his off stage antics also drive the non-stop laughter, such as his laugh out loud bout playing cricket in Birmingham. Along with fan interviews and engaging backstage clips, "Let Me Explain" also illuminates the superstar magnetism surrounding this powerhouse CEO, producer and comic icon. Grossing more than $30 million in ticket sales, "Let Me Explain," the 10-country tour broke box-office records in 2012, thus becoming one of the most successful comedy tours ever. "Let Me Explain" the movie, an onscreen journey that bursts with endless laughs, comic wit, and unforgettable brilliance is just that -- a must see, no need to explainOfficial website: www.kevinhartnation.com
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