So Truly Real Interactive Baby Doll Taylors Ticklish Tootsies by Ashton Drake | Realistic Dolls|Baby

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So Truly Real Interactive Baby Doll: Taylor's Ticklish Tootsies by Ashton DrakeA So Truly Real® baby girl doll so lifelike she actually responds to your touch, by award-winning Master Doll Artist Linda Murray and available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake GalleriesThis realistic baby doll is sculpted by artist Linda Murray, then cast in baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl to look and feel remarkably real, with hand-painted expressive features and hand-applied hairShe responds to your touch! Gently tickle the bottom of her feet and they wiggle, just like a real baby who's ticklishBaby Taylor arrives in a knit romper accented with floral embroidery and a pink bow on the bodice, along with matching pink bows in her hairThis doll is not a toy, she/he is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.Baby Dolls that Look Real9/11 Commemorative Doll, Future Firefighter, 16 inch Vinyl (Artist: Jullie Molloy)s Gentle Touch Realistic Interactive Baby Doll by Ashton DrakeDoll That Looks Real, Sock Monkey Business 16" (Weighted Body) (Artist: Angela Anderson)Webb So Truly Real Limited-Edition Silicone Emily Baby Doll by Ashton DrakeAfrican-American Baby Doll: Makayla Grace by Ashton DrakeTruly Real Lifelike Baby Doll: Chloe's Look Of Love by Ashton DrakeTruly Real Lifelike Baby Doll With A Recordable Bear: Beary Sweet Messages by Ashton DrakeTruly Real "Olivia's Gentle Touch" Lifelike Baby Girl Doll By Linda Murray by Ashton DrakeTruly Real Interactive Baby Doll: Taylor's Ticklish Tootsies by Ashton DrakeDreams, Baby Jacob: So Truly Real 18-Inch Realistic Lifelike Baby Boy Doll by Ashton Drake It is important to note that the owner of this video is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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