The Cuckold Fantasies of Captain Daryl Dragon каптион роман куколд

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Oh, the terrible joy of watching The Captain & Tennille. I'm too young to remember anything about them during their 1970's heyday ('75-'79?), but I've heard them on classic rock/easy listening radio enough to appreciate their goofy, surprisingly transgressive pop culture presence. They kinda sounded like some talented nerds who heard Fleetwood Mac and said "Amateurs, here's what coked up feel-good disco should sound like. Now, lose the angst and clap hands."A recap: "Captain" Daryl Dragon and his partner-slash-muse-slash-wife Toni Tennille were huge radio and concert stars for a short period in the 70's, with familiar, recurring television appearances. It's unfair to describe them as people -- because, really, who knows what they were really like? -- but their personae were amazing. Jack Benny, Dolly Parton, mannnnny entertainers have played "versions" of themselves and "The Captain & Tennille" had very recognizable character traits to hang an identity on: He was a coked-to-the-gills high-functioning super-nerd who could play any kind of piano or keyboard, and his older, sexy wife who looked like she's playing a hooker on this week's Alice. And who also sells Amway, and can really sing.Here they are in 1979's Songbook, enjoying an almost-threesome with Glen Campbell. It's not, though. This is straight-up "I like to watch my Old Lady with other dudes," cuckold stuff right here. Jesus, just look at him rubbing her shoulders and smiling.
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