Barbie's Having a Bad Day: Behind the Scenes - A Stop Motion animation by Shakycow

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Not everything is rose tinted for the pink loving superstar, sometimes she simply has a bad day while doing ordinary things.Stay tuned for her continued misadventures!The wire shown throughout this is standard annealed armature aluminum wire, available in many hobby shops, art supply stores, or online.To learn more about my use of tie-downs, how I modified the Barbie dolls into puppets, or about stop motion in general, I highly recommend the tutorials from Nick Hilligoss: 'Painful Disorientation' by Kevin MacLeod (Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" s Having a Bad Day: Behind the ScenesEpisode 4: s Having a Bad Day: Asked Out on a DateEpisode 3: s Having a Bad Day: Grocery ShoppingEpisode 2: s Having a Bad Day: The Car WashEpisode 1: with a Panasonic Lumix FZ50 camera at 15fps.Barbie "car wash" stopmotion hose water claymation Fun Animation Stop Motion Day Having Lego toy humor funny augh cry tears mascara "mascara running" "water effects" Mattel "Having Fun" Barbie (Fictional Character),Stop Motion (Invention),Animation,#fail,fail,Barbie,­stopmotion,claymation,Lego,toy,humor,fun­ny,laugh,cry,tears,mascara,mascara running,Mattel,Having Fun,Clay,Bad Day,Ken,Humour (Literary Genre),behind the scenes,how to, how it's made
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